• How to use DLNA(Digital Living Network Alliance)

    1. DLNA supports to share various Media Contents regardless of the manufacture and product type through the Network. All Devices need to be connected by same internal Network.
    Media Contents can be shared without physical connection among TV, Smart Phone, Tablet PC, Laptop and Set Top Box free.
    2. Comparison between Current and DLAN Media Share

    Current Media Share : by Physical Connection

    DLNA Media Share : by Network Connection.

    3. Preparation for Testing
    - Program for PC : Wild Media Server, Media Center, etc - DMP Application for iPhone, iPad and other client devices : Airplayer, 8player, etc
    - DMS Application for iPhone, iPad and other client devices : Twonky, etc
    - S/W for Set Top Box : DLNA test version S/W(v2.09.64)

    4. Wild Media Server on PC
    - If install Wild Media Server program, you will see below images to start and stop.
    - You can add or delete media contents and they will be shared with TV, Smart Phone, Tablet PC and Set Top Box.
    Start Server

    5. DMS (DLNA Media Server)
    Please go to the Plugin Menu and change state MediaServer as Started by Green button on RCU and change Start Type as Auto by Red button.

    Supported Format (DLNA Player can find below format)
    Video : asf, wmv, mpg(.mpg, .mpeg, .mpeg2, .tts), mp4(.m4p, .m4v, .mp4), 3gpp, ts
    Audio : lpcm(.lpcm, .pcm), wav(.wav .wave), mp3, asf, wma, ac3, m4a
    Picture : jpeg(.jpg, .jpe, .jpeg), png, bmp, gif
    Not Supported Format (DLNA Player cannot find below format) : mkv, avi, divx, ov, tiff, flv, qt, atrac

    6. DMP (DLNA Media Player)
    Press Playlist button and then FAV button on RCU.

    Video share

    Audio share

    Picture share

    7. Airplayer on iPhone (DMP)
    You need to find Wi-Fi connection which is using same internal Network as PC and Set Top Box.

    Video share)

    Audio share

    Picture share