• Internet TV+.manual-movie

    Available Protocol Type

    - RTMP
    - RTMPT
    - HTTP

    Available Codec Type

    - Video
    MP1V, MP2V, MPEG4P2(MP4), H.264, VC1
    MP1A, MP2A, MP3A, AC3, AAC, PCM

    How to USE

    - In New S/W,
    - You can see Internet TV+ menu
    - Then, You will see main menu in Internet TV+

    How to Find URL

    We would like to show you 2 kind of ways how to find Media URL address

    1. Using S/W Tool : URL Snooper
    - Run URL Snooper Program
    - Go to the Site have video or audio clips (ex) Go to CNN.COM
    *If you put only http://www.cnn.com URL, IPTV can not play this URL. You have to find media URL.
    - Click the video that you want to see in CNN website
    - URL Snooper program will find a lot of URL’s
    - You have to find media URL in your program by searching filename extension such as mp4, flv, mp3, avi..etcInput this URL into the STB
    - Now you can watch this contents in your STB

    How to Find URL
    How to ADD on STB

    Install Type :

    : Input URL type (Fixed)

    Title :

    Input Name of title(you will see it on the screen)

    URL :

    Input the URL address You need media URL address


    Description for URL(you will see it on the screen)

    Media Type :

    Select LIVE or FILE type

    Live streaming broadcasting
    Every URL excluding live streaming

    How to ADD on PC

    1. Open url_list.txt file
    2. Edit the file as you see below

    How to ADD on PC

    3. Copy the url_list.txt file to USB
    4. Put the USB in the STB then, You will see the screen below
    5. Click to Yes
    6. You will see the contents list as below

    How to Edit and Delete

    1. Press Yellow to Edit
    2. You can Edit,
    Media Type
    1. By clicking delete,
    2. You can delete contents