• ShortCut Menu

    In New S/W (V2.09.85), outstanding functions are included in and we would like to explain to you.
    S/W (V2.09.85) has a New Icon Menu which supports Short Cut path as you see below.

    1. You can choose a Menu between Main menu and Icon Menu as default and moving to each other easily.

    - If choose Main menu as default, Menu button will be working as text menu and short cut menu will be shown by keeping a button pressed
    - If choose Icon menu as default, Icon menu will be shown by pressing menu button as default.

    * All menu items are not included in Icon menu.
    * You can add menu item what you want on icon menu list by pressing FAV button.
    * Then, selected menu will be displayed with yellow star as you see below.
    * Yellow star with circle is default menu item in Icon menu.

    * Go to Icon menu and press Up or Down key, then you can move menu pages.
    In Second page, you will find added menu item as you see below.